Dr. Craig Duncan

Dr Duncan has extensive experience in High-Performance Sport and led the performance science teams that directly contributed to the drought-breaking winning performance of the NSW State of Origin team (2014 & 2018), the history-making performance of the Western Sydney Wanderers FC winning the Asian Champions League (2014) as well as making the grand final of the A-League (2016) and the Australian Men’s National Football Team (Socceroos) that won the Asian Cup (2015) and qualified for the World Cup (2018). In 2019, Craig worked with the Iran National Men’s Team (Team Melli) at the Asian Cup where they made the Semi-Finals.


The Dr. Craig Duncan Podcast focuses on maximising potential and has gained popularity due to Dr. Craig’s ability to keep it simple and topical. There are over 100 episodes and a new one comes every week with most being only 5 minutes long they are easy to listen to and will make a positive difference to your day. Dr. Craig is always open to audience participation and direction so please make contact if there are specific topics you would like covered or questions answered.

#140 What is Self-Science

In this special episode Dr Craig reads a chapter from the book Self-Science that is now available at drcraigduncan.com.au or the100xproject.com

Dr Craig Duncan

#142 – Culture starts with Leadership

Dr Craig discusses the importance of leadership and self-leadership in the creation of a positive culture. Contact Dr Craig @drcraigduncan on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Website: drcraigduncan.com.au . New book Self-Science A Study of You by You can be bought at www.the100xproject.com

Dr Craig Duncan

#127 – Live your ”GOOD LIFE”

Dr Craig discusses the concept of living a ”good life” and how this must be specific to YOU. It’s important whatever your ”good life” is that you start living it now. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drcraigduncan/message

Dr Craig Duncan

#6 Dr Craig Interviews – Donny Singe

Donny Singe returns for more fantastic insight into the world of high performance sport and life in general. Some great takeaways on how to deal with difficult times at work and life — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drcraigduncan/message

Dr Craig Duncan

#126 – The Workplace

We spend over 30% of our time at work, additional time commuting to work and even more time thinking about work. Problem is up to 85% of people are unhappy at work. Dr Craig discusses this issue and how leadership and self-leadership plays a critical role — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drcraigduncan/message

Dr Craig Duncan

#5 Dr Craig Interviews – Luke Mathers

I’m so excited about this interview with Luke Mathers (www.lukemathers.com.au) the author of Stress Teflon. This is a must-listen as Luke has so much wisdom and I always get insight from every one of our conversations. Luke Mathers has a rare magnetism that occurs when you meet truly authentic people.

Dr Craig Duncan

Dr Craig’s Blog

Book Review: The 4 Agreements

The Four Agreements is one of my favourite books. It's a short read and one I will read every year. Here is a review of the book. Brief Overview: "The Four Agreements" is a self-help book that draws on Toltec wisdom to propose a personal freedom and happiness framework. The ...
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We not Me

Do you strive to win at the expense of others? Or do you give more to others at the expense of yourself? As in most aspects of life, both ends of the spectrum will cause problems but it is evident that people and those in leadership positions that have a ...
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Anger can be Managed

How often does anger impact your life? Is anger a problem for you? Anger is one of the basic human emotions and is related to basic survival and has evolved throughout the history of the human. Anger is related to the “fight, flight, or freeze” response of the sympathetic nervous ...
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